Dr. Adewale Adeosun

Adewale Adeosun holds a bachelor’s degree from Obafemi Awolowo University in Nigeria and a research master’s degree from Masdar Institute of Science and Technology in United Arab Emirates. He is a graduate student in the Laboratory for Advanced Combustion and Energy Research (LACER) at Washington University in St. Louis.

As the world population and standard of living increase, there will be increasing demand for primary energy sources. Coal, among other fossil fuels, will continue to play a critical role in the foreseeable future. In order to mitigate the adverse environmental impact of coal combustion used for power generation, advanced oxy-coal combustion technologies are being developed to improve plant efficiencies while generating a pure stream of carbon dioxide for sequestration.

A computational fluid dynamic approach to simulation is being used to investigate novel burner designs, with the aim of minimizing wall heat flux while maintaining high adiabatic flame temperatures. Flame structure and characterization are also being studied for the optimization of an advanced combustion process. In addition, laboratory and pilot-scale level experimental investigations are conducted for numerical modeling validation.