Dr. Guiling Xu

Guiling Xu received her bachelor’s degree from Nanjing Normal University, China in 2008, and gained her Ph.D. degree from Southeast University, China in 2014. She has been working in Nanjing Normal University since 2014. She joined LACER at Washington University in St. Louis as a one-year visiting scholar in October 2018.


Carbon capture and storage (CCS) technologies could capture up to 90% of CO2 emissions from a power plant or industrial facility and store them in underground geologic formations, and oxy-combustion technology is one of the major coal-fired power plant CCS technologies.

Recently, researchers have found that SO3 concentration in the flue gas under oxy-combustion process is several times higher than that under air-combustion process. The SO3 combines with water vapor in the flue gas could form sulfuric acid and condenses on heat transfer surfaces when gas temperature drops below acid dew point, which could lead to severe corrosion and destruction of the metal surfaces under oxy-combustion processes.

The primary focus of Dr. Xu’s research is to carry out experimental investigation on acid dew point temperature determination on LACER’s staged pressurized oxy-combustion process (SPOC) system, and then to perform theoretical analysis on acid dew point temperature prediction under pressurized oxy-combustion process, in order to obtain the safe operating temperature of the heat exchangers for the SPOC system.