Zhenyang Jiang

Zhenyang Jiang is a master of engineering program student in energy, environmental and chemical engineering (EECE) at Washington University in St Louis. He has received a bachelor’s degree in marine power system engineering from Shanghai Jiao Tong University, and earned a four-year working experience doing marketing and negotiation in power plant projects. Zhenyang is now conducting an independent study project in the Laboratory for Advanced Combustion and Energy Research (LACER).

World primary energy consumption is not decreasing as people predicted it would several years ago, though the focus on sustainability and climate change has increased due to rapid development. How could we utilize fossil fuels in an environmentally-friendly way? Research begins by digging information out of energy industry statistics and analyzing advanced energy technology trends. Using insights gained from real-life experience in the energy industry as well as what I’ve learned in the Combustion Phenomena course, I’ll emphasize clean combustion and waste-to-fuel conversion.