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Why Fossil Fuels

Many people ask me, why do you study fossil fuels? Aren’t they the energy of the past? Today we have solar and wind – and they are clean and renewable – so why waste your time studying dirty fossil fuels?

I wish it were so simple. But it is not. Fossil fuels have unique capabilities that no other energy source has. These capabilities are responsible for the dramatic change the world has experienced since the dawn of the industrial revolution, when we first harnessed fossil fuels.

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A Day in the Life

Our group offers an educational experience that is not that common. We have a global view on energy, and try not be get bogged down on what is popular, but rather focus on what we believe has long term impact.

We have entrepreneurial experience, having successfully commercialize technology emanating from our lab, so we begin every research project by asking the question – is there true value in this research?
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Latest Research and Articles

Engineers to use $6.7 million grant to build power plant of the future

McKelvey School of Engineering team refines critical components of new, near-zero-emission power plant

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Experiments on the International Space Station

LACER is involved in two experiments on the International Space Station.

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Wash U develops advanced carbon capture technology

Learn what Washington University is doing to develop advanced technologies for Carbon Capture and Storage.

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