Dr. Gregory S. Yablonsky

Gregory Yablonsky has more than 40 years experience in many areas of complex chemical reactions, and in particular in non-steady state heterogeneous gas-solid reactions.

Professor Gregory Yablonsky is currently an adjunct professor of the Department of Energy,  Environment and Chemical Engineering at Washington University in St. Louis. The combination of chemistry and mathematics is at the core of his scientific work. Yablonsky has authored five monographs, including “Kinetics of Chemical Reactions: Decoding Complexity” ( together with Prof. Guy B. Marin, J.Wiley-VCH- 2011), and more than 250 peer-reviewed papers.

Recipient in 2010 of an honorary doctorate from the University of Ghent (Belgium),  Yablonsky has been a  fellow of the Academy of Sciences – St. Louis since 2013  and earned the MaCKiE Award that same year in recognition of his outstanding contributions in the research field of chemical kinetics (“Mathematics in Chemical Kinetics and Chemical Engineering”).  He received the Sarton Award for History of Science in 2014.